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Blooming Beauties: Carrie Elspeth's Top 10 Spring Jewellery Picks!

Updated: 22 hours ago

As the vibrant season of spring blossoms into full swing, we at Carrie Elspeth Jewellery are thrilled to share our picks of the season, curated to capture the essence of this blooming time. With a keen eye on the latest spring jewellery trends and the freshest spring colour palettes of 2024, we're excited to present our top 10 Spring picks from our jewellery collection. From delicate floral designs to pretty pastel hues, each lovingly handcrafted piece defines this season. Whether you're looking to treat yourself this spring or you're searching for a meaningful gift for a loved one, there is something for everyone.

Get ready to celebrate the essence of spring with our fabulous Spring Millefiori Bracelet! Picture this: vibrant flowers blooming in the warmth of the sun, captured in the form of stunning Millefiori beads on your wrist. These beads, crafted with fused glass to create delightful floral patterns, have a history as colourful as their appearance. With a name like "Spring," this bracelet couldn't be more perfect for the season. It's not just jewellery; it's a celebration of all things spring! Pair it up with our matching Millefiori beads necklace and Millefiori earrings for the ultimate springtime ensemble. Trust us, you'll be turning heads wherever you go!

Get ready to fall in love with our Rainbow Miracle Necklace – it's a total studio favourite! We're obsessed with the mix of those mesmerising miracle beads, paired up with either haematite or agate spacers. It's like finding a bunch of colourful Easter eggs hidden in your jewellery box! Each bead is like a little burst of colour, just like those flowers popping up in your garden in springtime. These necklaces are the ultimate wardrobe staple – they literally go with everything! They also comes with a matching beaded bracelet and beaded drop earrings.

Get ready to dazzle with our gorgeous 24k gold plated enamel heart stud earrings – they're total spring essentials! With 12 stunning colour variations to choose from, including some sweet pastel shades that scream springtime, these earrings are an instant mood lifter. Whether you're into soft pinks or dreamy blues, there's a hue to match your style. Plus, they make for the perfect gift, a cute alternative to the usual Easter egg treats. So why not treat yourself or someone special to a little springtime sparkle? Trust us, these earrings are bound to make hearts flutter! If silver jewellery is your preference, these gorgeous heart stud earrings come in a silver collection too.

Get ready to fall head over heels for our Morganite Gemstone Bracelet – it's a total springtime must-have! It's believed to be a total mood booster, healing emotional wounds and spreading hope like confetti - perfect for the season of renewal. And can we talk about those colours? Think delicate shades of pink or peach, just like the flowers blooming all around in spring. It's like wearing a little piece of sunshine on your wrist! Trust us, it's the perfect accessory to welcome those fresh new beginnings. We have 25 gemstone bracelets to choose from!

A close-up image of the Easter Wishes Sentiment Beaded Charm Bracelet from Carrie Elspeth Jewellery. The bracelet features a silver-plated Easter charm and colorful glass beads, perfect for celebrating Easter in style.
Easter Wishes Beaded Charm Bracelet | Carrie Elspeth Jewellery

Celebrate Easter in style with our Easter Wishes Sentiment Beaded Charm Bracelet! This delightfully sweet piece is embellished with an adorable silver-plated Easter charm and an array of colourful glass beads, accented with silver-plated spheres for a touch of elegance. With its beautifully illustrated gift card, It's the perfect alternative gift this Easter, offering lasting beauty that chocolate simply can't match. Whether you're searching for a unique Easter gift for teens, a thoughtful token for a beloved teacher, or simply seeking creative to add into your Easter basket ideas, this bracelet is sure to delight. Also available in a Welsh translation.

Meet our stunning Shimmer Drums Bracelet, a real gem among our top 10 spring picks and the ultimate jewellery gift for her. This bracelet is all about those Czech glass beads, shimmering with subtle rainbow hues that just scream spring vibes. Whether she's headed to a spring garden party or just jazzing up her everyday look, this bracelet has got her covered. Plus, its laid-back yet elegant style makes it super easy to mix and match with any outfit. It also comes with a matching beaded necklace and beaded drop earrings, why not shop the whole set!

Get ready to embrace nature's beauty with our Earth Tones Aqua Terra Jasper Full Necklace – it's a total game-changer among our top 10 spring picks! This necklace is like wearing a piece of the great outdoors around your neck. Crafted with love, each bead is a unique larderite Jasper gemstone, showing off earthy hues and cool patterns straight from the wild. And here's the best part – these beads aren't just for looks. They're like a little dose of nature therapy, keeping you grounded and calm, just like a stroll through the woods. As spring blooms around us, this necklace is your ticket to tapping into that fresh, rejuvenating energy of the season. Trust us, it's the ultimate accessory for all your spring adventures!

Say hello to our fabulous Ombre Haematite Gemstone Drop Earrings – they're a total showstopper among our top 10 spring picks! These earrings are like little bursts of happiness dangling from your ears. Semi-precious haematite gemstones with a metallic finish, blending seamlessly to create a mesmerising ombre effect. And those delicate glass seed beads? They're like the cherry on top, adding an extra touch of sparkle. But here's why they're perfect for spring: their radiant colours remind us of those rainbows that pop up after April showers. It's like wearing a little piece of sunshine on your ears, bringing joy wherever you go. Also comes with a matching beaded rainbow necklace and ombre bracelet.

Say hello to our April Birth Flower Sentiment Bracelet – it's the ultimate gift for your favourite people! Each bracelet features a pretty charm showcasing the April birth flower, the daisy. These silver beaded bracelets are not just thoughtful gifts; they're like little reminders of the special bond between you and your loved ones. So, whether you're celebrating a birthday or just want to spread some love, these bracelets are guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Plus, who can resist the charm of daisies? They're all about innocence, purity, and new beginnings – just like the fresh start that comes with springtime. So, go ahead, give the gift of spring with our April Birth Flower Sentiment Bracelet! Browse our entire Birth Flower Collection.

A close-up image of the Sending Love & Rainbows Sentiment Bracelet from Carrie Elspeth Jewellery. The bracelet features vibrant Czech glass beads in a rainbow of colors, symbolizing love and happiness. Accompanied by a gift card and branded jewelry pouch, it's the perfect accessory to brighten someone's day in the spring season.
Sending Love & Rainbows Sentiment Bracelet | Carrie Elsepth Jewellery

Our Sending Love & Rainbows Sentiment Bracelet, a delightful addition to our top 10 spring picks and the perfect accessory for the season. What better way to brighten someone's day and let them know you're thinking of them than with this charming bracelet? Crafted with care using Czech glass beads in a vibrant rainbow of colours. And with its included gift card and branded jewellery pouch, it's ready to spread joy and love wherever it goes. As spring brings new beginnings and a sense of renewal, this bracelet serves as a beautiful reminder to cherish the connections we have with our friends and loved ones. So, whether you're gifting it to a friend or treating yourself, let the Sending Love & Rainbows Sentiment Bracelet be a symbol of hope, happiness, and the colourful moments shared with those we hold dear. Shop our full sentimental bracelet collection.

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