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Carrie Elspeth Care Guide: Expert Care Tips for Preserving Your Beaded Jewellery

We're all about those gorgeous beaded pieces that add a pop of personality to your look. But hey, even the prettiest things need a little TLC to stay looking fab. That's why we've put together some super easy care tips to help your Carrie Elspeth beaded jewellery pieces stay sparkling and stunning.

Here at Carrie Elspeth Jewellery, we've been lovingly handmaking our pieces in Wales with top-notch materials, but here's a few things you can do to keep your gorgeous beaded jewellery looking its best:

Handle with TLC

I'm delicate, so handle me gently to avoid any kinks or tangles. Take your time when putting me on or taking me off, and I'll stay looking fabulous for longer.

Water-Free Zone

Showers, swimming, and sweating it out at the gym are a no-go for me. Keep me dry and I'll love you forever. Trust me, water can wreak havoc on my delicate beads and wire.

Watch Out for Lotions and Perfumes

Some lotions and perfumes can be a bit harsh on me, so give 'em time to dry before you accessorize with me. It'll help me keep my shine and avoid any unwanted reactions.

Store Me Right

When you're not wearing me, make sure to store me in a cool, dry place. Pop me in a jewellery pouch, jewellery box or a jewellery bag to keep me safe from dust and scratches.

Stay Away from Chemicals

Perfumes, makeup, and cleaning products can be a bit too much for me to handle. Try to put me on after you're done with all that jazz to keep me looking fresh.

Avoid Extreme Conditions

I'm not a fan of extreme temperatures or too much sunlight. Keep me away from heaters, air conditioners, and direct sunlight, and I'll be one happy piece of jewellery.

Cleaning Made Easy

If I need a little spruce-up, just give me a gentle wipe with a soft cloth. No need for anything fancy - a chamois or a microfiber cloth will do the trick.

Model displays the Ombre Haematite Gemstone Collection by Carrie Elspeth Jewellery, highlighting the gradient hues of haematite gemstones, offering a sophisticated and elegant accessory option
Model Wears Ombre Haematite Gemstone Collection | Carrie Elsepth Jewellery

Don't fret if you notice your silver beads starting to tarnish - it's a common occurrence, but easily remedied! At Carrie Elspeth, we've got you covered with our specially designed Polishing Cloths. Perfect for buffing up silver charm bead cores, inserts, and other silver settings, these cloths work wonders in restoring your jewellery's shine. Plus, they're versatile enough to use on gold too, ensuring all your precious pieces sparkle like new. Purchase yours here

So there you have it! With these simple care tips, your Carrie Elspeth beaded jewellery will stay looking gorgeous for ages. Just remember to handle with care, keep them dry, and give them a little love every now and then. Trust me, your pieces will thank you for it by keeping you looking fabulous!

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