Root Chakra Beaded Bracelet

Root Chakra Beaded Bracelet

SKU: CK007

The Chakras are believed to be the centres in our bodies that energy flows through. Balancing your Chakras can promote health and wellbeing.


The Root Chakra represents a strong foundation and encourages you to feel vitalised, balanced and secure.


These beautifully subtle Chakra bracelets are the perfect, thoughtful gift. Each has seven semi-precious stones surrounded by silver plated spheres and comes with a free gift bag.


Root Chakra – Snowflake Obsidian 

Elasticated Chakra bracelets are 18cm in length but can accommodate both larger and smaller wrists. Each piece is lovingly handmade in Wales and comes with a Carrie Elspeth gift card and a branded Chakra Gift Bag.